Performance Coach London

We work with business organisations, teams and individuals to make desired high performance a reality. Our expertise is in understanding how learnt patterns affect behaviour, contribute to the development and persistence of culture, and impact on the implicit dynamics that affect organisational performance. This ability allows us to design interventions that will deliver a step-change in performance, engagement and collaboration in organisations.

We use a proven approach, supported by tools, such as The Denison Culture Change Model and Human Element approach, to define a route map that achieves business goals. The tools accurately measure specific aspects that affect performance. This facilitates a clear dialogue and action for delivering changes that contribute to success.

We bring our genuine love of people to every setting we work in. We invest ourselves in our client’s success and facilitate with high levels of support and challenge. We bring energy, insight, care and results to our clients.

'I came to see, in my time at IBM, that culture isn’t just one aspect of the game – it is the game.'
Lou Gestner – IBM


'It’s about the culture. I could leave our strategy on an airplane seat and have a competitor read it, it would not make any difference.' 
John Stumpf - Wells Fargo


'The culture of an organisation will defeat strategy.'
Dick Clark - Merck