Human Element

This approach was developed by Harvard mathematician Will Schutz for conflict situations in the American Navy.

It looks at how individuals, teams and organisations respond under extreme pressure, measures the reasons for team failure, and translates this data into a powerful psychometric toolkit, which we use to support change strategies. When teams are shown these insights and tools, the fracture rate is reduced by 50 per cent. This is the methodology upon which we have been able to deliver outstanding results for our clients.

We combine Human Element with our 'Change Agency Approach'. This was originally formulated by The Human Potential Research Group at the world-renowned development centre at Surrey University.  It relies on understanding the interrelationship between each tier of organisational operation, and the unique and often hidden tensions between those layers that prevent apparently straightforward operational changes from succeeding. Once these hidden dynamics are understood, the road blocks can be removed and ‘sticky’ change achieved.

Combining these two powerful approaches has lead to our own successful methodology for delivering effective sustainable organisational, team and individual change.