HR Director of 26,000 People Public Sector Organisation

Thrive Future reduced absence by 35 per cent and delivered a 12-fold return on investment in four months, by building a climate of staff engagement.

“As an HR Professional, I have been involved with cultural change for most of my working life – some successful, some not so much. The Thrive Future programme works by getting us back to the basics of organisational life. It provides participants with the opportunity to support and challenge each other, and for all to genuinely act differently – not because they have ‘been trained’ – but because in doing so, they will be more of who they really are.”

JB, Director, Global Property Management Organisation

My revenues increased by 20 per cent in the first year of working with Thrive Future.

“It feels like I have been on a voyage of discovery about both myself and leadership in a business environment. Your work with me has had a profound impact on the way I am able to function in my role as a leader. Thrive Future helped me understand much more about behaviour and triggers to behaviour and this has enabled me to develop the way I interact with people and I have become one of the most respected team leaders in my sphere of work.”

SR, Head of Leadership Development at Marks and Spencer

Janine created a framework that is changing our managers and our managers are changing our business.

Phillip Perry, Consultant Morgan Clarke

Individuals and teams can broaden their awareness and make significant improvements in how they communicate and work together.

“I have worked with Thrive Future over a number of years and have always found the team to be highly capable and very professional in their work. They are warm and empathic, which together with their curiosity about people and what makes them tick, means that they quickly build trust and rapport with the people they works with. This trust creates a space where insight and creativity emerge, from which individuals and teams can broaden their self-awareness and make significant improvements in how they communicate and work together.”