Janine is a highly accomplished and respected L&D and Change Consultant. A pioneering authority on organisational transformation with a track record of breakthrough delivery and game-changing productivity gains for teams across a wide range of sectors.

From financial boardrooms to the Metropolitan Police,

Janine has over 20 years of experience masterminding and implementing large-scale change programmes and organisational turnarounds in some of the UK’s most demanding workplaces.



Clients include: Barclays Capital, Mercer, RPMI, NAPF, Marks & Spencer, Department for Work & Pensions, the Police Diversity Directorate, The World Cancer Research Fund, Department of Work and Pensions, Catalyst Consulting, 


Janine is highly qualified in the fields of education, development, and organisational change: MSc. in Change Agency; Cert Ed in Further Education; Diploma in Person Centred and Trans-Cultural Development, Master Practitioner of Human Element Theory.

She is a license practitioner of a range of profiling tools, including The Denison Culture Change Model, Human Element, Myers Briggs Type Indicator Step 1 and 2 and Talent Dynamics.

Janine is also facilitator for the Windsor Leadership Trust, an organisation set up by the Duke of Edinburgh and John Adair to support the development of accomplished leaders.

She has the courage to confront key issues, the creativity and expertise to design solutions in partnership with the business, and the tenacity and care to follow through and deliver lasting change.




Designing Strategic Frameworks & Change Programmes: A proven track record in designing highly creative and effective solutions to deliver improved performance, positive sustainable change and cultural reinforcement.

Stakeholder Management: A highly attuned sensitivity to politics and multiple agenda within organisations. Experienced in delivering commercial results, while motivating individuals and managing complex boundaries.

Revealing Key Themes & Identifying Cause: A profound sensitivity and insight with a unique talent for revealing underlying issues and the root causes that disrupt team, group and organisational dynamics and performance.

Developing People & Organisations: An accomplished practitioner with a keen understanding of the interdependence and interrelationship of organisational, group and individual needs.

Employee Engagement and Collaboration: A highly effective communicator, able to develop rapport and inspire trust and confidence. Ability to foster an environment of high-performance and collaboration where people feel recognised, rewarded and enthused.


Personal Philosophy

My personal philosophy is based on my life experience. Many difficult things have happened in my life and it has always been loving people who have helped me overcome these challenges. Very early in my life, when I could have become overwhelmed with difficulty and fear, I had the blessing of incredible role models, great leaders with courage. At age four is was a neighbour who gave my family refuge, and showed us love through tending farm animals. At age ten it was a teacher who believed in me – the way great teachers do – and taught me how to overcome my dyslexia and learn to read. His secret was loving recognition rather than any reading technique. At age twenty it was Sir Peter Imbert, the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police, who taught me what a difference it can make when the most senior person in an organisation really cares for one of the most junior.  My experience taught me the power of love and recognition.

My Grandmother taught me that it was important for me to achieve my potential. I saw what it meant for her never to live her dream of becoming a teacher. I did not know then that she would ignite my passion for supporting organisations, teams and individuals to achieve their potential. My adult life has been dedicated to unlocking potential in others – a vocation I love. Recently I heard someone say 'You can never really change until you are willing to tell the truth, how it really is'. My experience has taught me that I wanted to be a person that people could trust to tell the truth, knowing they would be loved. That is as important in organisational life as it is in personal life. My organisational work is focused, directed to delivering business results and always underpinned by my personal philosophy.