Created a Revolutionary Turnaround Programme for Job Centre Plus: Delivered a 12x ROI in four months. Devised an organisational transformation approach, which took the three worst performing teams from a 26,000 people business, improved productivity by 35 per cent and empowered them to become the top three teams within a year.

Feedback from Director General – “From the outset of working with Janine she imbued me, and my senior team, with a very high measure of confidence that we will realise the outcomes from the work she has led. Janine clearly knows her stuff and passionately conveys a very high degree of personal commitment whilst displaying very high energy levels. In terms of working with me as the customer she displays flexibility but not to the point of compromising the process or approach she is recommending. I was left with a really clear sense of personal integrity along with customer focus. I also asked Janine to enter some new territory, most notably speaking to a conference of 250 of my senior managers. She handled this with aplomb and received very positive feedback in the evaluation of the event. She showed that she was fearless and ready to take on new challenges as well as ferociously competent and personable. We saw a marked improvement in attendance management results as well as a greater maturity of behaviours from the managers in the offices covered by Janine’s work. I am excited at the prospect of moving into the second phase of work and confident we will again meet the demanding objectives set”.

Feedback from a workshop participant: “I think you know I have been completely blown away by my experience with Thrive and I have probably only just fully recovered my equilibrium from the early workshops. I am so impressed and inspired by the work you do and although it has been challenging I have felt safe and cared for throughout. The thing that makes the experience unique for me is that in the past I‘ve felt that leadership courses involved learning tools and techniques that I apply to others. I have always felt a degree of manipulation in this approach because I feel that all the time I am applying my learning to others in order to get the person to behave in a way that I want. What makes this experience unique for me is it has required me to examine my values, approaches and motivations in order to try to fully understand myself and others and use that in my interactions – it has been a bit of a light bulb experience!”

Designed Mercer’s Times Top 100 Ranked Graduate Programme: Overhauled the incumbent underperforming approach to produce a streamlined and repurposed Approach. Within three years of the approach being implemented Mercer were ranked in the ‘Time Top 100 Graduate Employers’ for the first time. We used a unique approach to design the graduate process and ensured alignment between strategic goals and participant needs. The result was an energetic, vibrant, engaging business focused development process that ensured the strategically aligned development of the Mercer consultants of the future in a cost-effective and timely manner.

Multi-Level Leadership Development Intervention at Marks & Spencer: Designed a bespoke approach to developing the M&S Managers – an intervention later credited by M&S bosses with ‘changing the managers that changed M&S’.

Feedback from M&S: I would describe Janine’s (CEO) approach in organisations as a bit like a Stealth Jet, she can go unnoticed but her impact is widely felt. She is brave, engaging, emotionally adept, and authentic. She will always be herself, and will fight for what she believes in.”

One to One Coaching Assignment “Janine has a unique ability to navigate through surface level behaviours and get to the essence of who you really are – and explore how to make you a more effective leader. Her approach is targeted, specific to the individual and truly liberating.  I would recommend to any senior executive looking to challenge themselves to consider spending coaching time with Janine – the results can be life changing.” Jonathan Baker. Head of International Licensing DreamWorks Animation 

One to One Coaching Assignment Feedback: “Integrity is at the heart of Thrive Future, this and the commitment and enthusiasm to provide a whole person experience has proved much better than the formulaic process approach I have experienced through other systems and with other providers. When I approached Janine and David, I thought I was looking for solutions by identifying flaws in my personality to improve my personal effectiveness and business relationships. I was expecting more emotional clutter, another a label leading to another classification and a pack of good advice on how to interact with the other labels and classifications for the benefit of all. I have spent a long time allowing myself ,and others, to scribble on my self-picture to the point that I had lost sight of my greatest asset; me! The innovative and professional approach of Thrive Future has allowed me to reconnect with who I am, and what I have to offer, to value my contribution and the contribution of others. Great teams are groups of individuals working for shared goals. The power comes from the individuality not conformity. This in my view is real and sustainable business improvement because it is believable, achievable and you can live with it. This is not purely a business programme. I have received positive feedback from colleagues, friends and family that they have seen a rapid, significant and fundamental change in my approach to work and relationships. Thrive Future care at an individual level and as the old saying goes: – take care of the pennies and the pounds will take care of themselves. Andy Knight, Senior Manager in 13,000-strong Regulatory Body